Elizabeth—(Gillian Moser)

Elizabeth—(Gillian Moser)

November 30th, 2021 — Elizabeth

Reflection (Gillian Moser):

My name is Elizabeth. The most amazing thing happened! My husband Zechariah was at work at the temple for longer than usual one day and when he came home he couldn’t speak. I said, “Zechariah, what happened?”. Since he couldn’t speak, I gave him my chalkboard to write on. He told me he had encountered an angel named Gabriel and that I was going to become pregnant, have a baby, and that I must call the baby John. I was astounded! I was joyful! I was hopeful! But why wasn’t Zechariah speaking? He wrote that he didn’t have faith in Gabriel’s words and Gabriel was taking away his voice until the baby arrived. I didn’t know how someone as old as us could have a baby, but I had faith in Gabriel’s words. And Zechariah wanted a baby as much as I did. And then it all came true! The day the baby arrived, Zechariah wrote on the chalkboard “His name is John”. And then Zechariah could speak again! He immediately praised God. We all did.


How can I be more trusting today to listen to what God is telling me?


 Let us all have faith in you, Dear God, just like Elizabeth did.

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