Christmas. Day 26: The Manger

Christmas. Day 26: The Manger

Opening Prayer. Spirit, breathe in us that we might slow to hear you and feel your love. Amen.

Scripture. Psalm 46:10.

Be still and know that I am God.

Savor the Savior: The Manger’s Perspective. From Carol Wachter.

Slow and simple.

Soft and sweet.

Quiet blankets the stable with warmth. Starlight, especially the Star’s light, sneaks through the cracks to fill the barn with hope.

The space holds dust and loose hay, mice nests and spider webs.  The space holds animals and people, fear and wonder, endings and beginnings.  The aromas of cow manure mix with the pungent scent of awe and wonder.  Painful birthing cries hold hands with the breath of heaven.  Like in all sacred space, the realities of ‘now’ mingle with the beauty to come.

Listening to anticipation. Tasting glory. Craning toward the birth.

And then at once a warm body meets my cool, lifeless wood. Feed sediment and donkey saliva give way to gentle shifting and squirms as Baby settles. My once rigid form slightly softens as it grounds itself to embrace new life. I cradle heaven as I marvel at my design and recognize my significance. I become sacred space.

Swaddling cloths are peace as they pad my rough edges against tender newborn skin. Love sifts this moment with eternity.

Secure and sincere.

Slow and simple.

Closing Thought for Reflection.

“…here, now, always – a condition of complete simplicity (costing not less than everything). And all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well…”  T.S. Eliot

Closing Prayer. And all will be well, all well be well, and all manner of things will be well. Amen.

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