Advent. Day 21: The Wise Man in the Green Coat

Advent. Day 21: The Wise Man in the Green Coat

Opening Prayer. God, may your light touch me to my core and illuminate the darkest corners in my heart; may I see this world with new eyes too. Amen.

Scripture. John 1:3-5, The Message.

Everything was created through him; nothing — not one thing! — came into being without him. What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.

Eye Witness to the Light.  From Alice Loddigs.

Finally! We thought our journey was ended!!

We’ve been traveling for months, following the star we saw in the East.

It was pretty amazing how we met up rather by accident. Three scholars watching the evening sky, individually noticed the bright star. Thinking it surely must be heralding something important like the birth of a king, we set out to follow wherever it led us. And so our journeys intersected about a month ago. We joined forces, so to speak, and journeyed on to Jerusalem together, where we thought surely the young prince would be born. But King Herod wasn’t even aware… hadn’t noticed the bright star in the Eastern sky… curious, indeed.

So we journeyed on from Jerusalem, following the star. It led us just a short distance from there to the city of Bethlehem (no place for the birth of a king) and we found him, of all places, in a manger. The really amazing thing is, I knew immediately, despite where we found him, this was the royal child — so obvious because the star was now a dim light in the sky compared to the beacon of light emanating from the child! It was not reflected light. This light was generated by its source in the manger!

I fell immediately to my knees. I was awestruck to be in the presence of one so holy.

And the sheer power of being present to that light… I saw things I had never seen before. The light penetrated to my core and illuminated the darkest corners in my heart; and I saw my world with new eyes too! That’s why we all returned to our own countries without sharing our discovery with King Herod. In that light we saw Herod for who he really was.

I know I am transformed.
And when you encounter Him, its safe to say you won’t be the same either.

The journey? In this new light, it is only beginning!

Questions for Consideration.

  • Where has God encountered you on your journey and brought you to a place of unexpected light and life?
  • Where might God’s light be leading you now?

Closing Prayer. A poem of prayer from Alice’s blog.

the light

GODs light
leads us to new insight
a star leads the way

the star
is not the light
the babe is the source
a beacon in the night

is not reflected light
the scholars witnessed
and immediately fell to bended knee

come into my darkness LORD
reveal all your goodness LORD
for in the dark all I see are my sins
and i fear i am alone

the light
shines in the darkness
GOD with me
darkness cannot exist here

lighted up
everyone who sees me


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