Let's grow in Christ so we can better serve the world.

Throughout our history, we've been committed to creating spaces where we can be formed to love God and our neighbors more deeply. It takes on lots of shapes -- Bible Studies, spiritual formation groups, or classes at the intersection of faith and our real lives -- but they're all intended to help us deepen our journey with Jesus and love for our neighbors.

Due to COVID-19, our gathering spaces are a mixture of virtual and in-person, so be sure to double-check as you look around!
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The Monday Meditation

An Encouragement to Start Your Week
Every Monday morning, someone in our community will offer a little meditation as we begin our week. We hope these short reflections keep us connected and center us as we navigate everything ordinary life throws at us. You can receive these in your inbox each week by signing up for our e-news or by subscribing to our YouTube channel.
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What does it mean to be the people of God right now?

Join Rev. Sara Wilhelm Garbers and Dr. Christian Winn as they explore what it means to be the people of God in our current time. Each month, the first installment will plunge more deeply into our sermon series, while the second episode will summarize and introduce our Faith & Justice book reading.

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What if Scripture study could be vulnerable and intimate?

Scripture Circles
Join us alongside Stephanie Spencer from 40 Orchards as we explore a way of reading Scripture rooted in vulnerability and intimacy. 

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