12 Days of Service – (CES)

12 Days of Service – (CES)

Welcome to Advent as we journey together in anticipation of the arrival of Emmanuel, God-with-us!

Advent is a time in the Christian calendar when we join together in anticipation of the birth of Jesus. It is a time to wonder and hope, to expect and to long for the coming of God’s love and justice into the world. During this time we both look back to the first coming of Jesus, while our hearts are kindled in hope for the final appearing of God’s faithfulness.

This Advent we have chosen to focus on four key characters from the Christmas story: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. As you read the different reflections you are invited to find your place in the story.  By so doing, it is our hope and prayer that not only will you find your place in God’s good story, but that you will also enter into what the story might have meant for someone like Mary, and in so doing, will be led to reflect on what the story might mean for your neighbors. 

Our Advent Devotional offers a daily reflection to enrich your journey as we move through the season together and as we consider the invitation to live into God’s great story, where we learn to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. Each week focuses on one of the key characters, with devotionals written by members of our community from the perspective of the key character for that week, followed by a question for consideration, and ending with a short prayer. 

The devotionals reflect the unique ways in which we encounter the promise of the Christmas story, pondering what it means for each of us, for our community, and for our world. 

We invite you to join us in re-encountering the great love of God which not only gives joy and peace, but also energizes us to look beyond ourselves to those around us who are also objects of God’s love. Let us continue to become a people of God’s good story, learning from and loving our neighbors together this Advent!

In expectant hope with you,

Rev. Dr. Christian Collins Winn, Teaching Minister

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