10 Ways

10 Ways to Serve

(Even During a Pandemic)

From Paul Bertelson, Mission Director

1) Start an online group: the needs of our neighbors may be far more significant than we realize. How about one of these?
- a parental support group
- a group for those impacted by job loss
- a group for seniors and shut-ins feeling isolated.
- an online story time for kids.
What’s your idea to serve online?
2) Neighbor Check-In: lots of folks are becoming more alone and isolated as the effects of a pandemic continue. Call or text a neighbor. Let them know you are thinking about them. Ask them how they are doing or feeling. Offer to run an errand for them. Don’t know your neighbors? It might be a good time to take a little walk down the street or hall and place a note in their door saying, “Hello Neighbor!” And offer a word of care and potential help.
3) Video Blessing: want to surprise a friend or family member or just someone that needs some good cheer? Pick up your smartphone and record a brief blessing, something like this,” I’ve been thinking about you! Wanted just you to know how much I appreciate you and am grateful to God for you today! Hope you have a wonderful day."  Send it so they receive it first thing in the day, shaping their whole day with joy!
4) Deliver Pizza: actually, call up a local pizza shop and order pizza to be delivered to one of our local fire or police stations. Maybe even drop off a note of appreciation to our first responders. They are working so hard at a very difficult time.
5) Mail your postal worker: every day except Sundays, they deliver for you and the rest of the country. Leave a letter -- children’s drawings are a day brightener too -- or hand-deliver one to your postal worker with a word of gratitude for their faithful service (maybe even a gift card for Christmas!).
6) Bring Christmas to a Young Life’r: our December Mission of the Month is YoungLife/ Minneapolis. You can bless a YL teen by shopping for a Christmas gift. Or maybe package up a Basket of Hope for a single teen mom. Watch for details coming soon!
7) Post a Word of Hope: tired of depressing, demeaning, and negative posts on social media? Become a Hope poster. Commit to posting articles and updates that redeem and encourage and even inspire others to do the same. Your hope-filled words can be contagious!
8) Little bag of Love: Do you struggle with what to say or do as you drive by a person who is homeless? Try this. Grab a gallon size zip lock bag and fill it with some of the following: a small container of personal wipes, granola bars, a pair of socks, a bottle of water, crackers with peanut butter, applesauce cup, band aids, cough drops, toothbrush/tooth paste, Kleenex, Chapstick, a note of encouragement or uplifting Bible verse. As you drive by a person seeking help, hand them a bag, offering a word of encouragement like, “I hope this blesses you today.”
9) Learn a Name: how many times do we encounter “nameless” people who actually HAVE a name and that serve us throughout the day? Be bold, ask them their name, and then thank them. Or be really bold and say a little prayer for them like, “God you are good even when life is hard. I pray you’ll bless (name) with peace, hope, protection, provision, and especially your presence today."
10) Be a Prayer: we all can pray, anywhere and at any time! Start with a list. Who does God bring to mind to put on the list? (contacts or Facebook friends might be a great help). Set the list by your bed. Then just start and end your day by sharing with God your cares about the people on your list. Even a bigger blessing, let the folks on your list know you are praying for them.