Youth Ministry Communiqué 6

Dear Parents of Middle School and High School Students:

A lot has been happening in this youth ministry interim year. Sami Decker and her large team of volunteer leaders have enjoyed a splendid season thus far of CRASH and CURRENT on Wednesdays, including a retreat to Camp Castaway last October. We are so grateful to Sami and our volunteer leaders for their ministry to students. We were especially blessed over January to welcome back stalwart Molly McGurran who helped out in so many ways.

The search for our new Associate Minister for Student and Missional Engagement has resulted in a slate of excellent candidates. Each has completed a diagnostic profile administered by SIMA (the search firm running our process) and will have undergone an in-depth interview by the Senior Minister (both virtually and in person). The finalist(s) will be interviewed by a team led by Moderator, Rick Larkin. We plan to call this new associate pastor by May, 2017.

You’ve received information on a new plan for Pyro 2 this summer. The shift to grades 6-8 and increased adult involvement will greatly strengthen the program.

The 2016-17 Confirmation Class has had a very strong first half. We are working through Mark’s gospel verse by verse, hearing a story of faith from a church member each week, spending time weekly in small groups, listening to and dissecting sermons and being mentored one-on-one by adult mentors.

Plans are in the works for a Confirmation Trip to Colombia, South America in June. Twenty-five students and adults will work alongside missionary Gustavo Karakey in a variety of situations as we experience and learn about the church and its ministry in this vastly different cultural context.

The Communion Milestone has been scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 9:00am-noon. All 6th grade students and their parents are invited to the church for a morning filled with learning and baking. On Sunday, May 7 students are invited to celebrate Communion. More information to follow.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in the meantime. Student ministry is so important to kids’ lives and to the life of a church. We are blessed to have you in our community.

Grace and peace,

Daniel Harrell

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