Texting Teenagers: Tween Girls Need Face-to-Face Interaction

Posted by Erin Walsh • May 10, 2012

This is an old post, but a good one! From the Mind Positive Parenting blog, this article examines young girls in particular search for connection and how technology impacts that.

“There is something unsettling about this always connected childhood. Is there a social cost to our kids’ booming virtual social life? How does online time impact our kids’ offline relationships? Is there a difference between a crestfallen face and an emoticon? Or am I, at age 31, already old fashioned?

Let me be clear that I try to guard against the urge to sit around lamenting the loss of “the good ol’ days” (which in some ways weren’t always so good to begin with). I firmly believe that technology can benefit kids and adults in all sorts of ways.

Yet emerging research is helping us better understand the need to balance tech enthusiasm with age-old practices like turning towards each other. Face to face.”


Read the full article here:


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